The World of Cross Stitching

Stacks of style

Stitch a decorative matryoshka doll in calm winter hues and master some new techniques along the way


his traditiona­l Russian nesting doll (also known as a babushka or matryoshka doll) is dressed in an elaborate wardrobe of cool frosty colours. Normally consisting of a set of wooden figures, which separate in the middle to more of the same that decrease in size within, the artistry of the decoration is renowned for its charm and ornate appeal.

This design pays homage to the tradition of these collectabl­es, with bead embellishm­ents, rich colours and a special stitch you’re sure to master in no time. Don’t be put off by the advanced level – turn to page 68 to learn the oh-sew pretty lazy daisy stitch, which will add a flourish to your work. You’re sure to enjoy the

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