The World of Cross Stitching

Birthday bunny


hank you for your inspiring magazine. I love all the imaginativ­e patterns. Back in the first lockdown, as it was coming up to my mum’s birthday, I felt I wanted to do something special for her, as I couldn’t go to see her at that time. Lo and behold, I luckily won a cross stitch pattern from the Gathered website! It looked lovely, but now I faced another dilemma – the shops were closed and I couldn’t buy the right colour threads. I decided to make do and carry on regardless using the threads I had at home. My mum loved her birthday card, and I was pleased with the result of the colourful bunny!

Janet Avery, Colchester

Lynne: Congratula­tions on your win, Janet. What timing? I think you did a fab job making do with the stash you had – the bunny is totally adorable. I’m sure your mum was delighted too!

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