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Magical fairies


’ve always loved Margaret Tarrant’s Flower Fairies and Fiona Baker’s conversion in issue 306 (May 2021) really inspired me. I wanted the final picture to complement one I already had, so I radically changed the aida colour and used DMC linen threads, some of which are blended, to give a soft finish. To set it off I painted the frame to pick out the colour in the violets. It’s now hanging in our bedroom and I love it. Thank you!

Dot Penn, via email

Fiona: I’m so pleased you enjoyed this stitch, Dot. I must confess that I so loved working on this conversion as I’m a Margaret Tarrant fan myself – the intricate detail is so admirable. In fact, this was one of my fave stitches last year and it’s such a pleasure to see your interpreta­tion. Thank you so much for sharing your pic with us. It was a while ago now but I wonder if you saw the ‘Flower Fairy’ in issue 291 (March 2020)? Check out the digital back issue available for download on the WOXS app. I think you’ll really like it.

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