The World of Cross Stitching

Plot your own names and dates


Use the alphabet and numbers included with this chart to customise your sampler with a child’s name and a special date. Just grab a pencil and some graph paper and carefully draw out the letters and numbers until you’re happy with them. You’ll want to get your placement just right, ensuring the letters sit next to each other with a one stitch gap between each.

he Chinese New Year will commence on 1 February 2022, and is to be celebrated as the year of the water tiger according to the ancient Chinese zodiac, of which there are 12 animals who take turns in a repeating cycle. Those born during the tiger’s reign are thought to have brave, self-confident and independen­t natures, making Durene Jones’ impressive design the perfect choice for bringing good luck to your home, or even personalis­ing to make a birth sampler to welcome a new arrival during this time.

With a limited palette of just three thread shades in this striking pattern, which includes DMC Light Effects gold used in both whole stitches and

Approx. 15 hours

Cross stitch, backstitch, French knots


backstitch for decorative detail, it makes for an attractive project for all abilities. The tiger’s eye is perfectly formed with a single French knot in red thread, matching the fabric of vibrant red aida behind. We hope this glorious tiger will help bring good fortune to all who stitch it.

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