The World of Cross Stitching

Make a pin badge or magnet


hoop’s smaller insert as a template to cut out your stitching and leave a 1.5cm ( in) fabric border all around. stick a piece of white paper to the surface of the smaller insert piece.

of doubleside­d tape around the edges of the reverse of the same insert piece.

design is straight and central, place it over the front of the insert, on top of the white paper. Hold in place, turn over and stick the edges of the fabric to the tape on the reverse. Trim excess fabric.

into your hoop mount. Insert the bolt through the hoop ends at the top and secure tightly with the nut. (If using, insert the necklace clasp on the bolt at this stage too.)

larger backing piece in place, apply strong clear craft glue all around the edge of the hoop on the reverse side, then press the backing piece firmly in place and hold until dry. You may want to wipe away any residual glue that squeezes out before it dries fully for a clean finish.

chain through the clasp, or use strong glue to affix a pin badge backing or magnet on the reverse to finish.

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