The World of Cross Stitching

Create a bullion knot stitch


Follow the purple bullion stitch lines on the chart, bring the needle up through the fabric at one end of a line (this is the base of your stitch), then back down at the other end of the same line (the tip) but don’t pull the thread all the way through the fabric – leave a loop on top.

back up through the fabric at your base stitch but don’t push it all the way through yet, keep the top of the needle partly out of the fabric.

with one hand, wind the thread from the loop multiple times around the shaft to form a coil the same length as your intended stitch. Don’t wrap it too tightly or the next step will be trickier.

and needle between your thumb and finger, then gently pull the needle through the coil of thread and out of the fabric. Keep pulling so the remaining loop of thread goes through the middle of the coil too.

comes out, tease the coils into place to make sure they sit neatly against the fabric, while you hold the remaining thread taut.

back through the fabric at the tip of the stitch and secure it at the back of your work. Repeat the steps for each individual purple line on the chart.

(shown with yellow bullion knot stitch lines on the chart), each four-stroke curve of yellow lines indicates one single bullion stitch coil. Repeat the same steps 1-6 but follow the curvature of the lines for placement of the base and tip of each stitch, adding more coils of thread in step 3 to fill in the curved shape.

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