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The fol­low­ing thought-pro­vok­ing quotes are at­trib­uted to Wil­liam Boetcker, an Amer­i­can re­li­gious leader dur­ing the First World War:

You can­not help the poor by

de­stroy­ing the rich. You can­not strengthen the weak by

weak­en­ing the strong. You can­not bring about pros­per­ity by

dis­cour­ag­ing thrift. You can­not lift the wage earner up by

pulling the wage payer down. You can­not fur­ther the broth­er­hood of

man by in­cit­ing class ha­tred. You can­not build char­ac­ter and courage by tak­ing away peo­ple’s ini­tia­tive and in­de­pen­dence. You can­not help peo­ple per­ma­nently by do­ing for them, what they could and should do for them­selves.

If mankind was less greedy and less self­ish it would all work well!

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