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East­ern Prom­ise Gin IN­GRE­DI­ENTS:

750 ml gin

100g chopped rose Turk­ish de­light

1 tsp rose­wa­ter

280g white sugar METHOD: Place the rose­wa­ter and chopped Turk­ish de­light in a kil­ner-style jar with the sugar and gin. Give it a jolly good stir, then store in a cool dark place and shake ev­ery day for a week. Sam­ple af­ter seven days and add more sugar as nec­es­sary. It should be ready af­ter two weeks. De­li­cious served on the rocks.

Mar­malade Gin IN­GRE­DI­ENTS:

The peel of 4

Seville or­anges.

225g of gran­u­lated white sugar

2 cloves

1 star anise 1 whole cin­na­mon stick

750ml gin


1. Care­fully pare the orange rind (avoid­ing the bit­ter pith) and add to a kil­ner pre­serv­ing jar. 2. Add the cloves, star anise and cin­na­mon stick and the sugar. 3. Pour in the gin and stir. 4. Leave the bot­tle in a promi­nent place for a few days and shake ev­ery morn­ing and evening to dis­solve the sugar. 5. Af­ter a week, place the bot­tle in a cool, dry place for two weeks, then de­cant into bot­tles. I’ve man­aged to keep a bot­tle of this for two years and it only im­proved with age.

The next step is to buy some gin and get ex­per­i­ment­ing. I'd love to hear how your ex­per­i­ments turned out, and if you have any ques­tions, you can al­ways drop me a line at seren@seren­i­tyk­

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