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What a sur­prise to find the tiny Cor­nish moor­land vil­lage of Min­ions men­tioned in the Golden ubilee edi­tion of “This Eng­land” (Spring 201 ).

The vil­lage, on the east­ern edge of Bod­min Moor, near Liskeard, came to my notice when I was a cadet jour­nal­ist on “The Cor­nish Times” in the 1950s. The ed­i­tor, Mr ack Hoskin, thought I should look into a pro­posal to con­vert a small dis­used reser­voir in the vil­lage into a work­ing men’s clu­b­room.

An in­flu­en­tial lo­cal res­i­dent who was said to own half the vil­lage was op­posed to the idea, de­spite the strong in­ter­est of a large num­ber of the vil­lagers. The mat­ter was to be con­sid­ered at the next meet­ing of the Liskeard Ru­ral Dis­trict Coun­cil.

What even­tu­ally hap­pened I can­not tell as I moved to an­other part of the coun­try and then, in 1964, em­i­grated to Tas­ma­nia with my wife and two small chil­dren.

I never imag­ined that one day, thanks to a car­toon film, Min­ions would be­come a draw for tourists, who may also go to see the im­pos­ing sight of the Cheesewring, along with stone cir­cles such as the Hurlers in the same gen­eral lo­cal­ity.

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