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This England - - Post Box - Frances Doble, Cal­abria, Italy

I just wanted to say how much I en­joy your mag­a­zine. My cousin sub­scribes for me as a Christ­mas present ev­ery year.

I have lived in Italy, in Cal­abria, for 47 years. I love liv­ing here and love the coun­try de­spite its many prob­lems and fail­ings. What coun­try is per­fect? Eng­land is still “home”, how­ever, and “This Eng­land” is very pre­cious to me.

I was es­pe­cially in­ter­ested in the ar­ti­cle about Bri­tain’s birds (Au­tumn 2018). Here we are lucky to have a large va­ri­ety of birds and I love see­ing them as I take my dog for his daily walks or am just out and about.

On read­ing the ar­ti­cle, an episode came to mind re­gard­ing owls. The night my hus­band died, I went to the front door and un­der the eaves of the house op­po­site there was an owl. He was sit­ting qui­etly watch­ing my house.

I had never seen one there be­fore and have never seen one since, al­though there are many around and I of­ten see them flit­ting past in the twi­light or hear them call­ing. Strangely, I felt the pres­ence of this owl as com­fort­ing: as though it wanted to be part of the sad event and of­fer its pro­tec­tion to me and my fam­ily.

Thank you once again for the lovely ar­ti­cles, pic­tures, news and in­ter­est­ing odds and ends.

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