Fin­nish ar­chae­ol­o­gists find wreck of 15th cen­tury ship laden with €50 mil­lion worth of trea­sure

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An ar­chae­o­log­i­cal div­ing team in Fin­land said they have found the wreck of the Han­neke Wrome, which sank with valu­able cargo and some 200 pas­sen­gers and crew on 20 Novem­ber 1468. His­toric doc­u­ments record the ship as car­ry­ing 10,000 gold coins, es­ti­mated to be worth around €50 mil­lion to­day.

Fin­nish Daily Helsin­gin Sanomat re­ports that diver and wreck re­searcher Rauno Koivusaari, Fin­land’s most ex­pe­ri­enced wreck re­searcher who dis­cov­ered the fa­mous trea­sure ship Vrouw Maria in 1999, found the trea­sured shipwreck just south of the is­land of Jus­sarö in Fin­land

The Han­neke Wromen was one of two ships on its way from Lue­beck in Ger­many to Tallinn in Es­to­nia when it was hit by heavy storms that forced it to move closer to coast of Fin­land. This ship sank while the other ship man­aged to reach Tallinn. The ac­ci­dent killed all 200 pas­sen­gers and crew on board and was con­sid­ered one of the most se­ri­ous dis­as­ters to oc­cur in the Baltic Sea at the time.

The ship is known to have been car­ry­ing 200 parcels of fab­ric, 1,200 bar­rels of honey and 10,000 gold coins. Some of the cargo was suc­cess­fully re­trieved, while other items were washed up on the beaches over many years. The coins, how­ever, sunk with the ship and have never been re­trieved.

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Sketch of the Han­neke Wromen made ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions of Rauno Koivusaari

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