Largest ever hoard of Ro­man coins found in Seville sub­urb by con­struc­tion work­ers

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Con­struc­tion work­ers lay­ing wa­ter pipes in Zaudin Park in To­mares, a sub­urb of the city of Seville in Spain, had a huge sur­prise when they came across 19 am­phorae filled with Ro­man coins.

Th­ese ancient jars were usu­ally used to hold liq­uid or food pro­vi­sions, but the 19 ves­sels were stuffed full of kg of coins dat­ing from the rd and th cen­turies .

This find is re­mark­able, not only for the size of the hoard but also be­cause the coins are newly minted and have never been used.

Ana Navarro, head of Seville’s Mu­seum of Ar­chae­ol­ogy re­vealed that most of the coins were minted with images of em­peror Con­stan­tine, who ruled the Ro­man mpire from to and

Max­imian, who held the post from 286 to . It is a unique col­lec­tion and there are very few sim­i­lar cases. The ma­jor­ity were newly minted and some of them prob­a­bly were bathed in sil­ver, not just bronze,’ avarro said. I could not give you an eco­nomic value, be­cause the value they re­ally have is his­tor­i­cal and you can’t cal­cu­late that.’

The Ro­mans con uered the be­rian Penin­sula in 218 BC, rul­ing un­til the early fifth cen­tury, when they were ousted by the isig­oths. t is thought that the coins might have been in­tended to pay the army or civil ser­vants, but no one knows why they never reached their des­ti­na­tion. ca­va­tions are now be­ing con­ducted in the area.

newly minted Ro­man coins

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