New rock art dis­cov­ered in Tan­za­nia

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Hun­dreds of rock paint­ings, the old­est of which could be sev­eral thou­sand years old, have been dis­cov­ered by a Pol­ish ar­chae­ol­o­gist in the Swaga Swaga re­serve in Tan­za­nia.

The Swaga Swaga re­serve in the Kon­doa re­gion in cen­tral Tan­za­nia is home to lions, ele­phants and gi­raffes. The area is far from larger cities and it is not in­hab­ited, and few for­eign­ers ven­ture there. But it was here, among rock shel­ters and over­hangs, that Ma­ciej Grzel­czyk, an ar­chae­ol­o­gist from the In­sti­tute of Re­li­gious Stud­ies of the Jagiel­lonian Univer­sity in Krakow, came across a trea­sure trove of rock paint­ings.

“Dur­ing this year’s re­search alone I lo­cated over 50 places in which there were dozens, some­times even hun­dreds of paint­ings of dif­fer­ent ages” Grzel­czyk said. The paint­ings had rep­re­sen­ta­tions of an­i­mals, peo­ple and the cos­mos ac­cord­ing to Grzel­czyk.

The newly dis­cov­ered paint­ings

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