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Timeless Travels Magazine - - EASTER ISLAND -

Ahu Ta­hai. Ac­ces­si­ble and pho­to­genic moai on a sa­cred ahu plat­form with nearby ca­noe ramp, ca­noe-style house re­mains, and chicken house. Anakena. Stun­ning moai, al­lur­ing beach with happy swim­mers. His­tor­i­cally im­por­tant as the land­ing place of the Poly­ne­sian set­tlers who be­came the Rapa Nui. Ovahe. Se­cluded beach near Anakena. Te Pito Kura. Un­re­stored ahu with gi­ant tum­bled moai and sig­nif­i­cant sa­cred stones. Papa Vaka. Ca­noe, tuna and shark rock carv­ings. Pu O Hiro. A trum­pet stone thought to lure fish to shore. Poike. Car-free crater, great for hik­ing. Rano Raraku. Don't miss the cra­dle of moai cre­ation – a quarry and a crater crowded with hun­dreds of moai in var­i­ous stages of carv­ing and trans­port (stick to the paths). Ahu Aka­hanga. Pos­si­ble burial site of Rapa Nui's first king Hotu Matu'a – ru­ined ahu with re­mains of boat houses and ovens. Hanga Te'e (Vaihu). Eight fallen moai as top­pled. Ahu Vi­napu. Un­usual red sco­ria statue pos­si­bly fe­male, pos­si­bly two headed. Rano Kau. Dra­matic crater lake source of wa­ter and reeds. Orongo. Stun­ning vil­lage of cor­belled stone houses perched on high cliffs above the fa­mous bird-nest­ing is­lands of Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. Ana Kai Tan­gata. Ac­ces­si­ble cave with wall paint­ings. Huri A Urenga. Four-handed moai. NASA fa­cil­ity. Earth­quake mea­sur­ing sta­tion. Puna Pau. Small vol­canic crater, source of the red sco­ria for top-knots for moai. Ahu Akivi. In­land ahu with seven re­stored moai. Ana Te Pahu. Lava tube cave. Ahu Te Peu. Ru­ined ahu, man­avai stone gar­dens, 30m hare paenga, hare moa chicken house. Ana Te Pora. Cave with stone bed. Ana Kak­enga. Lava tube cave with stun­ning views, bring a torch. Hanga Kio'e. Moai and ahu, hare moa, hare paenga ru­ins

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