Pol­ish Prince’s grave full of an­cient trea­sure

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An an­cient tomb packed with riches has been un­earthed by ar­chae­ol­o­gists in the north­ern re­gion of Ma­zowieckie, east of the River Vis­tula. Due to the con­tents of the tomb, sci­en­tists have nick­named the site ‘the Prince’s Grave’.

The lav­ish grave was ac­tu­ally found in the sum­mer of 2018 but ar­chae­ol­o­gists have only just an­nounced its dis­cov­ery ow­ing to fears it might be looted. The pre­cise lo­ca­tion of the site, how­ever, still re­mains a closely guarded se­cret. Ar­chae­ol­o­gists found that although the grave had been plun­dered nu­mer­ous times in an­tiq­uity, it still con­tained sev­eral valu­able arte­facts which in­cluded frag­ments of bronze ves­sels, bronze spurs with sil­ver in­lays, a metal belt buckle, and even a gold ring.

It is still a mys­tery who the grave be­longed to. “Only a wealthy per­son could af­ford such rich burial equip­ment, some of which could have been im­ported from other re­gions, in­clud­ing Rome it­self,” ar­chae­ol­o­gists from War­saw Univer­sity ex­plained.

The tomb has been nick­named the ‘Prince’s Grave’. The ex­act lo­ca­tion of the grave has been kept se­cret due to the high value of the arte­facts it con­tains

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