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This Delightful Scandi-themed Quilt Is Inspired By The Traditiona­l Swedish Dala Horse – A True Pleasure To Make And Give. : 111 : 19

This Delightful Scandi-themed Quilt Is Inspired By The Traditiona­l Swedish Dala Horse – A True Pleasure To Make And Give.

Finished size 52½in x 64in Q Fabrics used Juniper by Kate & Birdie for Moda Fabrics Q my.modafabric­ Notes Please read through the pattern before you begin, assuming a ¼in seam allowance and a fabric width ( WOF) of 42in. Q 6 From the neutral background fabric, cut as follows: One (1) 1in x WOF strip, subcut into: – Four (4) 1in x 3in pieces. – Four (4) 1in x 1½in pieces. – Four (4) 1in squares. Eighteen (18) 1½in x WOF strips. Set aside ten (10) for the horizontal sashing and inner border, subcut the remaining eight (8) into: – Thirty (30) 1½in x 10½in pieces (vertical sashing). – Five (5) 1½in squares. One (1) 1¾in x WOF strip, subcut into four (4) 1¾in x 10½in pieces. One (1) 2in x WOF strip, subcut into: – Two (2) 2in x 5in pieces. – Four (4) 2in x 4½in pieces. – Four (4) 2in squares. Three (3) 2⅛in x WOF strips, subcut into six (6) 2⅛in x 21in pieces. Two (2) 2⅝in x WOF strips, subcut into four (4) 2⅝in x 21in pieces. Four (4) 2½in x WOF strips, subcut into: – Two (2) 2½in x 6in pieces. – Four (4) 2½in x 5in pieces. – Twenty (20) 2½in x 4¼in pieces. – Two (2) 2½in x 3in pieces. Fifteen (15) 3in x WOF strips. Subcut into: – Twenty- eight (28) 3in x 3½in pieces. – Sixty- eight (68) 3in squares. – Sixty- eight (68) 3in x 2½in pieces. – Sixty- eight (68) 3in x 2in pieces. One (1) 4½in x WOF strip, subcut into four (4) 4½in x 6½in pieces. Q Q 8 From the binding fabric, cut six (6) 2½in x WOF strips. Q Piecing the small pine trees TECHNICAL TIP Q You can measure and mark the 1¼in or use the optional trimming guide to mark your ruler with washi (low tack) tape – lining up the with the edge of the ruler – to speed up the process. 9 Each small tree has three (3) tiers of branches. To keep the trees looking scrappy, divide the 2½in x 4¼in tree pieces into three (3) piles, one (1) for each tier, and shuffle to randomly distribute the prints. diagonal Q Q 10 Make a strip set for the trunks by joining a 2⅛in x 21in background strip to each side of a 1in x 21in taupe strip, pressing towards the taupe and taking care to keep your seams straight. Make three (3). Crosscut into twenty (20) 2½in sections for the small pine trees ( Repeat with four (4) 2⅝in x 21in background strips and remaining taupe strips. Crosscut into fourteen (14) 2½in sections and set aside for the large pine trees. Q 11 To make the lower branch tier, prepare two (2) 2in x 3in background pieces by placing them right sides together and trim with a diagonal cut, offsetting the diagonal by 1¼in from the bottom left corner ( Discard the smaller portion. This will create two (2) mirror-image pieces ( Q Fig 1). Fig 2A). Fig 2B). Q 1¼in 7 From the print border fabric, cut six (6) 4½in x WOF strips. Fig 2A Fig 2B Fig 1 19 Join us at­ter

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