Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Darl Ing Dala L Project : 114 : 22

Darl Ing Dala L Project

darl ing dala l PROJECT 29 Finally, join a 4½in x 6½in background piece to the top, and a 1¾in x 10½in background piece to the back side, pressing away from the Dala. Your block should measure 6½in x 10½in. Make two (2) left-facing horses. 30 Repeat steps 22–29, reversing the placement of the pieces so that the Dala horse faces to the right ( Make two (2). Fig 15). Piecing the stuga 31 To make the chimney unit, join a 1½in red square to a 1½in background square, then join a 2½in x 6in background piece to each side. Press towards background pieces. the placement. Position and pin a prepared background piece on the placement line – checking you have the right ‘side’ – and stitch ¼in from the raw edge before flipping ‘open’ and pressing ( Turn your block to the wrong side and trim using the base piece as a guide. Fig 18). Fig 16 Fig 17 32 To make the attic, join a 1½in x 2in red piece to each side of a 1½in aqua square. Then join a 3½in x 4½in red piece to the top ( Snowball one (1) of the top corners of the unit with a 3½in taupe square. Then repeat on the adjacent corner ( 35 Repeat step 34 with the remaining 4½in square taupe piece – reversing the placement – to make the right-hand side of the roof. Join all three (3) sections together, pressing away from the attic. Fig 16). Fig 21 Fig 17). 36 To make the front, join a 2½in red square to one side of a 2in x 2½in aqua piece and a 2in x 2½in red piece to the opposite side. Next, join the 1½in x 5½in red piece to the bottom of the window section, ( Make two (2), one (1) stuga 33 To make the roof, prepare the two (2) 2in x 5in background pieces trimming with a diagonal cut, offsetting the diagonal by ¾in from the bottom right corner, again giving you two (2) mirror-image pieces. Discard the smaller portion. in reverse, then join the window sections to each side of the teal door piece ( Fig 20). 37 To assemble the join the chimney section, roof, a 1½in x 12½in red strip and front, as shown in Your block should measure 10½in x 12½in stuga, Fig 19). stuga Fig 21. 34 To prepare the left- hand side of the roof, mark a placement line on a 4½in taupe square with the template, taking care with Assembling the centre 38 Assemble the centre in rows, as shown Positionin­g the and horse blocks then distributi­ng the tree blocks evenly across the quilt, alternatin­g with 1½in x 10½in vertical sashing pieces. Press towards the sashing. Note sashing is not required to one side of the horse blocks. stuga Fig 22. Fig 19 stuga Fig 20 Fig 18 22 Join us at­ter

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