Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Darl Ing Dala L Project : 115 : 23

Darl Ing Dala L Project

darl ing dala l PROJECT 39 42 Press away from the centre and add a 4½in outer border in the same way. Then add 1½in horizontal sashing strips between each row, pressing away from the sashing. Sandwich the batting between the backing and the quilt top, baste, then machine or hand quilt. Quilting and finishing 40 41 43 Add a 1½in wide inner background border to the quilt, first to each side and then to the top and bottom, joining strips to make longer lengths where needed. Cut the backing into two (2) WOF x 60½in pieces, trim off the selvedges and join together using a ½in seam, pressed open. Trim to 60in x 72in. Join your binding strips end to end and press in half, wrong sides together, along the length. Trim away excess batting and background. Bind the raw edge. Fig 22 23 Join us at­ter

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