Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Ready And Waiting For Santa’s Arrival, These Sacks Are Sure To Keep You Busy Sewing Them For All The Family! : 119 : 27

Ready And Waiting For Santa’s Arrival, These Sacks Are Sure To Keep You Busy Sewing Them For All The Family!

two (2) small, one (1) large, together with the 1½in x 10½in sashing pieces between, then join a 3⅜in x 10½in background piece to each side ( Fig 1). Fold Fig 2 6in opening 8 Join a 14½in x 20½in piece to the top and a 20½in x 32½in piece to the bottom (this will wrap around to form the back too) ( Fold Cuts for boxed corners Fig 2). 9 Fuse the batting to the wrong side, then hand or machine- quilt the two (2) layers together to make the outside of the sack. Fig 3 Fig 4 13 Pull the two (2) layers apart and reposition them so that the two (2) seams you’ve just sewn are now aligned at the centre. Pin the remaining two (2) sides together, marking a 6in opening in the lining ( Sew along the long edges rememberin­g to leave that opening unsewn. then turn right sides out and gently push out the boxed corners. 10 To prepare the top channel, turn a double ¼in hem over on both short sides of the 2½in x 19in pieces and topstitch. 16 Press lightly, then slip- stitch the opening closed before pushing the lining into the quilted outer. Press around the top of the bag and topstitch. 11 Fig 4). Join the two (2) 14½in x 28½in lining pieces along their short sides, pressing the seam open, then lay right sides up and centre the channels at each end, folded in half lengthwise with the raw edges on the perimeter, as shown in Pin these in place. 17 Cut the cord/ribbon in half and, using a safety pin, thread each cord through both channels – one from the left side and one from the right – leaving a pair of ends on each side. Knot the ends to secure the cords. 14 If you’d like to add boxed corners to the bottom of the sack, mark 2in squares at each corner and trim away. Pull the layers apart, realign the cut edges, pin and sew along the raw edge. Fig 3. 12 Lay the quilted sack front right sides down on top of the lining – sandwichin­g the channels – and sew along the short edges only. 15 Finger- press the seams open where the two (2) fabrics meet, 27 Join us at­ter

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