Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Juniper Joy L Project : 125 : 33

Juniper Joy L Project

juniper joy l PROJECT rotary cutter. Trim off the corners on each triangle along the green lines. 22 Press each HST unit open and carefully remove the paper from the back of each HST unit. 23 Sew the light teal/ BKG HSTs and the red 2½in squares into pairs, as shown in Sew those pairs together to make the fourpatche­s, as in Fig 12 Fig 13 Fig 14 Fig 17. Fig 18. 24 Sew the four- patches to either side of the BKG 2½in x 4½in strips, as shown in Fig 19. Fig 15 Fig 16 20 square and align right sides together with the corner of the block where the triangle will be placed ( shows this on a corner block). Shorten your machine stitch to 1.5 and sew along all of the red lines. Fig 17 Fig 18 25 Sew BKG 2½in x 10½in strips to one side of the block halves, as shown in Set aside twelve (12) of these for the sides of the quilt. Fig 12 21 Cut the template and fabric along all the blue lines using a Fig 20. 16 Sew along the marked line, trim away excess fabric beyond the ¼in seam allowance line ( and flip over and press in place to finish ( Fig 13) Fig 14). 17 Repeat on the corners of the side and centre blocks as shown in and 16. Figs 15 Making the Jacob’s Ladder blocks 18 You will make one- hundredand-forty-four (144) 2½in BKG/ light teal HST units. You will make these in sets of twelve (12) using the light teal and BKG 6¼in x 9¼in rectangles and the HST templates. The fabric rectangles are ½in bigger than the templates so that they overhang the paper by ¼in all around the dashed line – this is to make it easier to line up the fabrics to the paper template. Note: 19 To make each set of HSTs, pin one (1) BKG and one (1) lightteal fabric rectangle to the back of a the HST template with the fabrics right sides together and the BKG fabric next to the paper. 33 Join us at­ter

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