Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Juniper Joy L Project : 126 : 34

Juniper Joy L Project

juniper joy l PROJECT TECHNICAL TIP The repeated blocks in this quilt lend themselves well to a restrained colour palette. Lynne has balanced her two colours beautifull­y, but for a different look you could make either the Star or Jacob’s Ladder blocks more dominant by choosing fabrics with high contrast to the background in one block type and lower contrast in the other. Fig 19 26 Sew the remaining block halves to the other side of the BKG 2½in x 10½in strips to make the blocks in the centre of the quilt ( 28 Sash the sides of the quilt top with the shorter border strips then the top and bottom with the longer border strips. Centre block - make 12 Fig 21 Fig 21). Assembling the quilt top Quilting and finishing 29 Sew the two (2) pieces of backing fabric together along the long sides using a ½in seam. Press seam open. 27 Follow to assemble the quilt top, sewing the blocks into rows, alternatin­g centre Star and Jacob’s Ladder blocks and using the side and corner blocks around the outer edge. Sew the rows together to make the centre of the quilt top. Fig 22 30 Make a quilt sandwich basting together the backing, batting and quilt top. Side block - make 12 Fig 20 34 Join us at­ter

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