Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Glad T Idings L Project : 133 : 41

Glad T Idings L Project

TEMPLATES All the templates you’ll need for the projects... GLAD TIDINGS EPP TEMPLATES ACTUAL SIZE PLEASE NOTE: Paper pieces do NOT include seam allowances DIAMOND TEMPLATE SQUARE TEMPLATE HST TRIANGLE Thank you for making this project from The copyright for these templates belongs to the designer of the project. They work hard to create projects for you to enjoy, so please don’t re-sell or distribute without permission. Please do not make any part of the templates or instructio­ns available to others through your website or a third party website, or copy it multiple times without permission. Copyright law protects creative work and unauthoris­ed copying is illegal. We appreciate your help. Today’s Quilter. 41 Join us at­ter

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