Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

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Gifted Making handmade gifts this year? Here are some ideas from your favourite quilters: Nicola Dodd recommends simple, drawstring shoe bags for hard-to-buyfor men. Fill them with polish, cloths and brushes and you’ve got a quick and practical gift! Q Lynette Anderson has a great selection of covered coat hangers, both knitted and made from fabric. Her maternal grandmothe­r was a great knitter and loved to make these as gifts – “They keep your clothes in great shape and they’re made with love and last for years,” said Lynette, who has some that have been hanging in her wardrobe for over four decades. Q A selection of Lynette’s Christmas proj ects Jo Avery’s stitchy magic visitors. Lynette’s zippered box was designed to store special ornaments, but has proven really popular as a gift box that can be filled with all sorts of goodies. stitching, Jo has also created appliqué designs in mini embroidery hoops that can be hung from the Christmas tree or throughout the house. Both Sally Ablett and Lynette love to make fabric boxes. Sally stitches two pieces of fabric wrong side together ( you may want to add wadding for larger boxes to give them some stability) and leaves an opening for turning through. The opening is stitched up and the whole piece is then folded and stitched to create an origami-style box. She always has a spare box or two under the tree filled with chocolate oranges for unexpected Q Lynne Edwards cherishes all the gorgeous handmade cards that friends and students have made for her over the years. “My suggestion is that you make one very special design and then photocopy it as many times as you need to create a limited edition card to send to all your friends and family. That way everyone gets this special greeting!” One of Lynne Edwards’ favourite gifts to make for small children is a Christmas cushion made from fleece and decorated with some fun, festive appliqué. More recently, her little penguin made for a great niece was a star attraction and is used throughout the winter. Jo at Cowslip also loves a cosy cushion and the opportunit­y to add embellishm­ents, little sayings and thoughtful sentiments. Q Q Jo Colwill has a clever alternativ­e advent calendar where every door reveals a little charm that can be hung on the Christmas tree, and behind the large door on the 25th is a Christmas star to crown the top of the tree! Q If Scandi décor is more your style, then you might enjoy making Jo Avery’s favourite decoration, a sweet little Dala horse. A lover of hand Q Jo Colwill’s fleecy cushion – comforting and cosy! Sally’s fabric gift bags XxxX Joxxxxx Avery’s Dala horse

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