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Spread Some Christmas Cheer Throughout Your Home With This Stellar Design Made Up Of A Mélange Of Hsts And Qsts! : 19 : 19

Spread Some Christmas Cheer Throughout Your Home With This Stellar Design Made Up Of A Mélange Of Hsts And Qsts!

and 40wt for quilting from Finished size Approx. 72in square Q Notes Seam allowances are ¼in, unless otherwise noted. Press after each seam. Press seams open, unless otherwise instructed. Press all fabrics well before cutting. WOF = width of fabric. WOFQ = width of fabric cut from a fat quarter or fat eighth – cut from selvedge to centre cut. BKG = background. HST = half- square triangle. QST = quarter- square triangle. * We used more prints for greater variety Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 12 One (1) 8½in x WOF strip subcut into six (6) 6½in x 8½in rectangles. Three (3) 6¼in x WOF strips cut into eighteen (18) 6¼in squares. Two (2) 8¼in x WOF strips cut into eight (8) 8¼in squares. right sides together and the BKG fabric next to the paper. Cut in half along the marked line, trim off corners ( and press open, as shown in Q Fig 2) Fig 3. 8 Shorten your machine stitch to 1.5 and sew along all of the red lines. Q 13 Place two (2) of these HSTs right sides together but with the prints opposite each other (eg. lime to BKG and BKG to lime). Draw a diagonal line on the back of one, perpendicu­lar to the seam, and sew ¼in either side of the line ( Cut apart, press open and trim to 3½in square ( Q 9 Cut the template and fabric along all the blue lines using a rotary cutter. Trim off the corners on each triangle along the green lines. 5 Cut the backing fabric into two (2) equal lengths and the binding fabric into seven (7) 2½in WOF strips. Fig 4). 10 Fig 5). Press each HST unit open and carefully remove the paper from the back of each HST unit. Making the HST and QST units 6 You will make sixty-four (64) red/ BKG 3in (finished) HST units and one- hundred- and-fortyfour (144) green/ BKG 2in (finished) HST units. You will make the red ones using the large HST templates and the red and BKG 8¼in squares, and the green ones using the small HST templates and the green and BKG 6¼in squares. The fabric rectangles are ½in bigger than the templates so that they overhang the paper by ¼in around the dashed line – this makes lining up the fabrics to the paper template easier. 11 Next, you will make sixty-four (64) lime/ BKG 3in (finished) quarter- square triangle (QST) units using the lime and BKG 4½in squares. To make each pair of QSTs, place one of each 4½in square right sides together. Mark a diagonal line along the back of one of the squares and then sew ¼in either side of that line ( Fig 2 Fig 3 Note: Fig 1). Make 64 Fig 5 Fig 4 Making the triangle point units 7 14 To make each set of HSTs, pin one (1) BKG and one (1) print fabric square to the back of one (1) of the HST templates with the fabrics You will make sixty-four (64) red/ BKG triangle blocks using the red triangle block B template pieces and triangle block A and C Fig 1 19 Join us at­ter

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