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Star Br Ight L Project : 20 : 20

Star Br Ight L Project

star br ight l PROJECT pieces, cut from the eight 4½in x WOF strips of BKG fabric. Cut four (4) of those strips into sixteen (16) A template pieces per strip and four (4) of the strips into sixteen (16) C template pieces per strip. Fig 6 15 Sew the A piece to the left of the red triangle and the C piece to the right of the red triangle to make sixty-four (64) triangle blocks. Make 24 Fig 11 Fig 7 Fig 8 Making the Economy Square units Make 72 Make 18 16 Fig 12 Fig 13 You will make nine (9) red/ BKG 4in (finished) economy squares by adding four (4) BKG corner square triangles to each corner of the red 4½in squares, as set out below. Make 9 Fig 9 20 Repeat for the other two (2) corners ( Make 18 Fig 14 Fig 9). Fig 12. Then, sew thirty- six (36) of those pairs together, as shown in to make eighteen (18) fourpatch units. Assembling the quilt top 17 For each red 4½in square, you will need four (4) BKG 2½in squares. Mark diagonal lines on the back of each of the BKG squares with a washable marker. Fig 13, 21 Sew 2½in x 4½in BKG strips to either side of eight (8) of the triangle blocks, as shown in 24 Fig 10. Sew BKG 2½in squares to each end of eighteen (18) of the remaining pairs of HST units, as shown in 18 Place one (1) of the small squares right sides together with one (1) of the large squares and sew along the diagonal line. Repeat with a square on the opposite corner ( Fig 14. 25 Sew BKG 2½in x 4½in strips to either end of the remaining eighteen (18) pairs of HST units, as shown in Make 8 Fig 10 Fig 6). Fig 15. 19 22 Trim away excess fabric ¼in beyond the seam allowance lines ( Press over to add two (2) triangles to the corners ( Sew forty- eight (48) of the triangle blocks into pairs, point to point, as shown in Fig 7). Fig 11. Fig 8). Make 18 Fig 15 23 Sew all of the green HST units into pairs, as shown in 26 Sew a piece made in step 24 to one side of six (6) of the pieces made in step 22 and a 2½in x 8½in BKG fabric strip to the other side, as shown in Fig 16. Make 6 Fig 16 20 Join us at­ter

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