Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Star Br Ight L Project : 22 : 22

Star Br Ight L Project

star br ight l PROJECT Stitch Lynne's design in a traditiona­l palette of reds and greens on Meet the designer a cream background Lynne Goldsworth­y from Lily’s Quilts is a modern British quilter. She has been sewing since she was a young child and, on a business trip to America, she fell in love with American quilts and tried her hand at the craft. Then life and family happened and she didn’t pick up another quilt for a few years, until she discovered Flickr, blogs and online shopping. She immediatel­y ordered some pre- cuts, started her own blog and has never looked back. or choose your own to go with your Christmas decor! www.lilysquilt­ lilysquilt­s @ lilysquilt­s 22 Join us at­ter

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