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Scrap Bags L 3- Part Series : 26 : 26

Scrap Bags L 3- Part Series

scrap bags l 3- PART SERIES Doodles in fabric This was a piece made for a Quilters’ Guild entry in one of their challenges. I cut out lots of 2½in squares and a few larger pieces for appliqué lettering. This quilt grew line by line and was not pre-planned. I used both positive and negative lettering on some of the blocks, which was interestin­g to do. There are some traditiona­l blocks among the squares and lettering. This entire quilt was made from the scrap bag – even the back is made of larger pieces that were left from other projects. It starts with a doodle... I am going to tell you now about a small piece I made with scraps sent to me by a friend in America. We swapped pieces and added a few of our own. Have you ever found yourself doodling while on the phone or thinking of “stuff”? Well, I have, and decided to see how I could doodle using fabric. I spent an hour or two drawing out my doodles and enlarging them for possible appliqué. The background of my panel is made from strips of my friend’s fabrics – I used the wrong side of these as the colours were too strong for what I needed (do you ever do this? I do it often and, as far as I am concerned, there really is no right and wrong side of fabric. If you prefer the wrong side, then use it)! What follows is my process. So, my strips are sewn together, then I trace my doodle drawings onto Bondaweb or similar fusible and cut around the shapes, leaving a margin around the pencil lines. Then, I iron these onto whichever side of fabric suits me and cut the shapes out. I peel off the paper backing and place the shapes onto my pieced panel. My next step is to sew around each piece, either with a straight stitch or a blanket stitch. The backing and wadding are then sandwiched together and I hand quilt the panel with large stitches and perle threads. I was approached by The Quilters’ Guild to make a piece for an exhibition in Ireland to hang alongside a piece I have in the 90s Collection. The whole of the 90s Collection was going to be exhibited. So, again, I decided to make another doodles piece. The scrap bag came out again and, although it isn’t clear in the picture, the whole of the background is made of small scrap pieces in light colours! The doodles were added and it is, again, hand quilted with perle threads, this time the stitches are smaller and closer. It is the quilting that disguises the background piecing. the edge of my bed – sideways – to sew. It was time for a change and, as it was coming up to our Silver Wedding anniversar­y, my husband decided to give me half of the garage and make it into a sewing studio as my gift. The world was now my oyster and I was off! My scrap bag at this stage was bursting with bits and pieces I thought I would never use, but didn’t want to throw away. I decided to challenge myself and sorted out all the blue fabrics from the bags, there was quite a lot as it is my favourite colour. I decided to try designing my own work and the word ‘BLUE’, along with the fabrics, led me to make Blue Print For The Classics. piece for Mary’s doodle ’ Guild Quilters The 26 Join us at­ter

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