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Scrap Bags L 3- Part Series : 27 : 27

Scrap Bags L 3- Part Series

scrap bags l 3- PART SERIES strips and squares, haphazardl­y sewn together. I have since made two more for commission­s. I often wonder if I might make something similar from my own linen and cotton blouses – one day! Finally, I am going to show you some Christmas things made from my scrap bag. I love making things for Christmas and small scraps can always be found for this. You don’t have to use Christmas print fabrics when red, green and gold fabrics of any print or plain fabrics will still look Christmass­y! The pictures show you what can be made from very small pieces, and below I have given you a design sheet and instructio­ns for you to try. One of Mary’s heartfelt memory quilt commission­s Scraps of a different kind were used in my next project. They were parts of old shirts which I was given to use in a commission to make into a quilt and cushions in memory of a lady’s husband. The button strips were used along with pockets, cuffs, collars, fronts, sleeves and backs of the shirts. It was a “work it out as you go” method and was very well received by the client. One of the shirts was a football shirt made of thick cotton. She wanted the football badge to be included. The quilt and cushions are hand quilted and some of the buttons and buttonhole strips were used to fasten the cushions on the back. They are a mixture of traditiona­l blocks and FLYING ANGEL PANEL sheet and Peel offthe full design from the Teflon press in place. place it on the background fabric, 6 7 8 9 You will need A Teflon sheet or baking paper wadding pieces Scraps from your scrap bag including Bondaweb Threads, rotary cutter, scissors, ruler, Q stitch close to Sew around each piece using a straight the edge. Q Q to fitand sew onto Making the mini panel Cut four (4) 1in wide border strips the appliquéd panel. see Templates Trace each section of the design ( section) onto the Bondaweb. 1 2 3 a little larger Cut a piece of wadding and backing down, lay the than the panel, place the wadding Place the appliquéd backing fabric right side up on top. side down. Sew panel on top of the backing, wrong a small gap for turning around the edges ¼in in, leaving through. a small margin Cut out around the shapes leaving around each piece. of fabric Iron each piece onto the chosen scrap wrong side for the panel, glue side down on the of the fabrics. fabric and turn Trim offthe excess wadding and through the gap. Hand sew this together. 10 11 lines, then peel Cut out each shape around the pencil or baking offthe paper backing. Place the Teflon you can see it clearly. paper over the full design so that 4 to your Quilt as desired and add embellishm­ent taste. on top of Place your shapes in the correct position Continue to build your Teflon sheet and iron in place. with the piece marked up the picture you can see starting 1. Carry on until the picture is complete. 5 your scrap bags, you I hope you enjoy your journey into find and the may surprise yourself with what you back! memories that those scraps bring 27 Join us at­ter

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