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Joyeux Noël L Project : 35 : 35

Joyeux Noël L Project

joyeux noël l PROJECT triangle units should all measure 2⅞in square ( Fig 13). D E 31 Use a pencil to draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner on the reverse side of forty (40) 2⅞in Fabric B squares ( C B Fig 14). A 32 Pair the marked Fabric B squares with the completed 2⅞in HST units, raw edges matched and right sides together, ensure that the marked diagonal line runs perpendicu­lar to the diagonal seam on each completed HST unit ( Sew, cut and press as before. Fig 15). 33 Make eighty (80) of these split QSTs units measuring 2½in square ( Fig 17 Fig 16). K J Assembling the blocks 34 Refer to the small block assembly diagram to assemble the small Christmas Star block using your pieced units, the Fabric A centre squares and the BKG 2½in squares ( The completed blocks should all measure 12½in square. Make ten (10) small Christmas Star blocks. L H Fig 17). M 35 Repeat steps 16-34 using the following fabric pieces to construct the large Christmas Star block. The completed block should measure 26in square. Make one (1) large Christmas Star block ( Eight (8) 4¾in BKG fabric squares, for the block corners. Eight (8) 5⅛in BKG fabric squares, for the HST and FG units. Two (2) 5½in BKG fabric squares, for the split QST units. Four (4) 5⅛in Fabric H squares, for the split QST units. Four (4) 5⅛in Fabric J squares, for Fig 18). Fig 18 Q 37 Sew the 2in x WOF Fabric H inner border strips together to make one (1) continuous 2in wide strip. the HST units. One (1) 9¾in Fabric K square, for the FG units. Two (2) 5½in Fabric L squares, for the split QST units. One (1) 9in Fabric M square, for the centre square unit. Q Q Q Q 38 Measure your quilt top through its centre from top to bottom. Trim two (2) matching 2in x WOF Fabric H side inner border strips to this measuremen­t. If you have cut and sewn accurately, you should expect them to measure 2in x 79in. Sew to sides. Press the seams towards the inner border strips. Q Q Q Assembling the quilt top 36 Refer to to assemble the quilt top. Use the star blocks, 2in x 12½in Fabric H sashing strips, Fabric I cornerston­es, feature fabric blocks and setting triangles. the side setting triangles have bias edges on the outside so handle with care. Fig 19 Fig 15 39 Measure your quilt top through its centre from side to side, including the previously attached side inner borders. Trim the Note: Fig 16 Fig 14 35 Join us at­ter

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