Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

Perfect To Send As Christmas Wishes To Loved Ones Or To Decorate Your Own Festive Set Up, Add A Little Handmade Magic To Your Tree This Year! : 40 : 40

Perfect To Send As Christmas Wishes To Loved Ones Or To Decorate Your Own Festive Set Up, Add A Little Handmade Magic To Your Tree This Year!

WEEKEND PROJECT FOLDED FANCIES You will need Two (2) fabrics – 5in x 14in of each for small bell OR 8in x 21in of each for large bell Ribbon for hanging loop – 8in10in length Narrow ribbon for clapper – 5in9in length Small decorative beads plus a bell or large bead for clapper Folded shape templates – see Templates section* Q Q Q Q Q Cutting out 1 Place both fabric strips right sides together on a cutting mat. Position the template/60- degree ruler on the fabric strips with the top of the shape level with the top of the fabric and the bottom edge of the fabric lined up with the 5in marked line on the ruler for the small bell ( For the larger bell, use the 8in line on the ruler. Cut along both sides of the ruler/template with a rotary cutter. Fig 1). BEHIND THE QUILT Fig 1 WITH BELLS ON 2 Turn the ruler/template through 180- degrees – do not flip it over. Position the side of the ruler/template on the cut edge of the fabric and the top and bottom of the fabric strip as before ( Cut along the edge to make another fabric triangle. Turn the ruler/template once more through 180- degrees and repeat the process to make three (3) pairs of triangles cut from the pair of strips. Left handers should work from right to left on the cut strips. “A couple of years ago in I offered a wreath made from folded fabric shapes stitched together to make a stylish decoration, as a Christmas project. This proved very popular, not only with the readers of the magazine, but also with my own regular students. I had given instructio­ns for the main large design, which used a total of eighteen folded shapes and also for a smaller version made from just six shapes. It was then suggested that a single origami folded unit could make a great hanging ornament for a Christmas tree, and that a handful of these individual units would make a good present for a deserving friend! “But it didn’t stop there – one of the members of the stitch group in Hatfield Peverel in Essex, Annette, stitched three units together to make a bell shape, and then another member, Avril, added to it with various embellishm­ents, including the central hanging bell. Avril is one of my Monday girls, so lucky old me got given one for Christmas! “It’s always a two-way thing, this teaching business – you show something and stand back and see where these clever people will take it. It is then that I am called upon to sequence the stages of constructi­on, document it with instructio­ns and inevitably take some of the credit. Good wheeze, eh? So here is the little bell, plus a larger version for you to choose from or to make as part of a collection of bells in the different sizes!” – Today’s Quilter, Fig 2). Note: Lynne Edwards MBE Fig 2 40 Join us at­ter

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