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The Grape Thieves L Project : 55 : 55

The Grape Thieves L Project

the grape thieves l PROJECT 20 24 a time as described in Techniques. You will have sixteen (16) cream/ blue units ( Trim and square each one to 2½in square if necessary. Lay out the two (2) OS side blocks using eight (8) fourpatch units, the red/ blue stitched pairs and 2½in ochre squares in the centre. Select and rotate the units as required so you can butt and match the seams, then stitch the units together in three (3) rows of (3). Press seams towards the centre in the top and bottom rows and towards the outside in the middle row ( Take two (2) blue 6in squares and cut them in half horizontal­ly and vertically to make eight (8) 3in squares ( Fig 7A). Fig 13). 15 25 Repeat with four (4) 6in cream squares and four (4) 6in green squares to make thirty-two (32) cream/green HST units ( Now take sixteen (16) green 3in squares and the eight (8) blue 3in squares and cut them in half diagonally once to make cut HSTs ( Fig 7B). Fig 14). 16 Fig 10A). Repeat with two (2) 6in ochre squares and two (2) 6in blue squares to make sixteen (16) ochre/ blue HST units ( 26 Take three (3) cream 6in background squares and pair them, right sides together with three (3) dark 6in squares. Make HST units, eight- at- a-time. You will have twenty-four (24) cream/dark units ( Press seams towards the darker fabric. Trim and square up the units to 2½in square if necessary. 21 Stitch the three (3) rows together, then press (it doesn’t matter which way). Trim and square up the blocks to 10½in square if necessary. Fig 7C). Fig 15). Make 16 Make 32 Make 16 22 Repeat steps 20 and 21 with the remaining four- patch units, the ochre/ blue stitched pairs and two (2) red 2½in squares to make the two (2) OS centre blocks ( Fig 7A Fig 7B Fig 7C 17 Stitch the HST units together in pairs to make two varieties of double HST units as shown in Press seams one way in four (4) units and the other way in the remaining four (4). Fig 10B). Fig 8A. Fig 12 Fig 13 18 Stitch the two (2) types of double HST units together to make a four- patch, butting and matching seams at the centre. Make sixteen (16). Press seams one way in four (4) units and the other way in the remaining four (4). The units should be 4½in square at this point ( Make 24 Fig 14 Fig 15 OS side - make 2 OS centre - make 2 Fig 10A Fig 10B 27 Use the cream/dark HST units with the 3in green and blue cut triangles to make pieced triangles (see Techniques), pressing seams towards the cut triangles. You will have sixteen (16) pieced triangles with green triangles and eight (8) pieced triangles with blue triangles. Be sure to align the right- angle edges of the cut triangles with the edges of the HST units, then trim the long edge of the pieced triangle to ¼in if necessary ( Making the Duck and Duckling (DD) blocks Fig 8B). Make four (4) side blocks and two (2) centre blocks ( You will be making the units for all the blocks at the same time. Fig 11). Fig 8B Fig 8A 19 Now take eight (8) 2½in red squares and eight (8) 2½in blue squares and stitch them together in pairs. Press seams towards the blue squares. Repeat with eight (8) 2½in ochre and blue squares. Press towards the blue squares ( Fig 16). DD side block DD centre block Fig 9). Fig 11 23 Take eight (8) blue 5in squares and four (4) green 5in squares and cut each in half diagonally once to make cut HSTs ( Fig 16 Fig 9 Fig 12). Make 8 of each 55 Join us at­ter

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