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Storm At Sea Block L Essential Guide : 64 : 64

Storm At Sea Block L Essential Guide

storm at sea block l ESSENTIAL GUIDE 7 Now take long triangles b1 and b2 and place them right sides together with the diamond in the positions shown in again with the triangles projecting out from the diamond. Sew the seams and press outwards. 6½in x 3½in). This method of sewing isn’t as accurate as foundation paper piecing, so you may have to trim a little to size. If you do have to trim, be sure to maintain a ¼in seam allowance at the side edges, as shown by the red lines in TECHNICAL TIP Fig 9C, When piecing this side rectangle unit, handle the pieces carefully as there will be bias edges, which are prone to stretching. Fig 9D. 8 Check this side rectangle unit is the size it is meant to be (in this case Fig 9 Making a side rectangle unit A B C D The triangle point needs to project past the diamond by ¼in ¼in b1 a1 ¼in b2 a2 3½in ASSEMBLING THE BLOCK Once you have made the centre unit, four (4) corner square units and four (4) side rectangle units, you can assemble the block. 1 Lay out the units as shown in in three rows. Pin the units together, matching points neatly (see also Troublesho­oting, page 67). Sew each row together and press the seams. You can press the seams open or press the seams of rows 1 and 3 in one direction and row 2 in the opposite direction. Fig 10, 2 Now sew the three rows together, taking care to match up the seams neatly, and also matching the points of the shapes. Press seams open or to one side. Check the block is the size it is supposed to be (in this case 12½in square). Fig 10 Assembling the block When making a Storm at Sea block for the first time, instead of using four fabrics, you could make things easier and just use two. This pink sample can be made using the same techniques as described above 64 Join us at­ter

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