Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month : 77 : 77

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month

r ippon lea l BLOCK OF THE MONTH Petunia block F You will need or our first instalment in this year’s mystery quilt, ‘ Rippon Lea’, I have chosen a 12in Sarah’s Choice block. We will be using my preferred method for making half- square triangles – made slightly oversized and trimmed down – to create an eight- pointed star with quick, easy and accurate piecing. For the variation block look at your fabric choices and experiment with stripes to see what you can make. Four (4) 3½in squares. Four (4) 4in squares. Q Fabric A ( background fabric 1) – 4in x WOF Fabric B ( pink) – 8in square Fabric C ( blue) – 8in square Q Q Q 2 From each of fabrics B ( pink) and C ( blue), cut four (4) 4in squares. Q Making the block Finished size 3 Using a sharp pencil and ruler mark a line diagonally from corner to corner on the wrong side of the pink and blue squares. 12in square Notes ‘ You will need’ is for one block, make two (2) for the quilt using the main block, variation block or one of each. Q Cutting out 4 Place one (1) pink 4in square and one (1) background 4in square together with right sides facing. 1 From fabric A ( background), cut as follows: 5 Machine- stitch a ¼in seam either side of the pencil line in both directions ( Rotary- cut through the middle of the squares along the pencil line ( Press open with seam allowances to the darker side. 6 Fig 1A). Repeat steps 4 and 5, stitching the remaining 4in squares together in the following combinatio­ns. You should have four (4) of each ( on next page): Fig 1B). Fig 1A Fig 1B Fig 2 77 Join us at­ter

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