Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month : 78 : 78

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month

r ippon lea l BLOCK OF THE MONTH Pink + background. Pink + blue. Blue + background. Q Piecing by hand Q Q Optional templates have been provided in case you would like to hand- piece your blocks (see Templates section). Below are the basics for hand- piecing. For in depth tutorials visit 7 Trim each of these halfsquare triangle units with a rotary cutter to a 3½in square. www.gathered. 8 Piece together the background squares and half- square triangle units in rows as shown in how/todaysquil­ter Preparing templates Fig 3. 1 Cut one (1) Template A square and one (1) Template B triangle from template plastic or card. Cut as accurately as possible. 2 Draw around each template onto the wrong side of your fabric with a sharp pencil or fine pen. Make 4 of each Fig 2 3 Make sure you add a ¼in seam allowance around all edges of each shape before you cut them out. Cutting out 4 From fabric A ( background), cut as follows: Four (4) Template A squares. Eight (8) Template B triangles. Q Q 5 From each of fabrics B ( pink) and C ( blue), cut eight (8) Template B triangles. Piecing by hand 6 Pin your shapes together and stitch along the pencil lines with a small running stitch starting and stopping each seam with a couple of backstitch­es. 7 For the Petunia blocks, first piece together the triangles to make a square and then join these together with the solid squares in the same sequence shown in Fig 3. Fig 3 Meet the designer Karen Styles has been quilting for more than 20 years and is the owner of Somerset Patchwork in Melbourne, Australia. Her online store specialise­s in antique reproducti­on fabrics from the 19th century and features quilt designs also inspired by that era. Karen has taught throughout Europe, the USA and Australia for several years and can be found at many internatio­nal show events too. If you would like to follow Karen’s adventures visit: www.somersetpa­ Karen@ somersetpa­ karenatsom­erset 78 Join us at­ter

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