Today's Quilter : 2020-10-29

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month : 79 : 79

R Ippon Lea L Block Of The Month

r ippon lea l BLOCK OF THE MONTH POLLINATE AND PRUNE Striped Petunia VARIATION BLOCK Directiona­l stripes give the ‘ petals’ a sense of rotating movement. The bolder the stripe, the stronger this effect will be, though for wide stripes you may want to match your prints, which can get a little complicate­d! striped petunia For the variation block I have chosen to use a fine pink- stripe fabric to experiment with the design. Repeat the cutting and piecing steps for the main Petunia block, but make sure you draw your pencil line in the on all pink-stripe squares. This will mean you can rotate your half-square triangles so the stripes in neighbouri­ng units are the same orientatio­n. same direction 79 Join us at­ter

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