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Four reg­u­lar golfers test Call­away’s all- new graphene- in­fused Chrome Soft balls... and love them

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Four reg­u­lar golfers rate Call­away’s new Chrome Softs.

Call­away promised the orig­i­nal lower com­pres­sion Chrome Soft was “the ball to change the ball”, and a cou­ple of years on, softer balls have never been so pop­u­lar.

For 2018 there’s a new Chrome Soft model hit­ting the shops that’s in­fused with “graphene”, a phe­nom­e­nally light yet ul­tra- strong ma­te­rial that’s been used to strengthen the outer core with­out sac­ri­fic­ing the over­all soft feel.

With Ser­gio Gar­cia and Phil Mick­el­son al­ready hav­ing won on tour with it, we thought it was time to see how it per­formed for four TG read­ers with av­er­age hand­i­caps.

Q First im­pres­sions com­pared to your usual ball?

DD: I usu­ally play a Titleist Pro V1 un­til I lose too many, then I’ll switch to what­ever I’ve got spare. Dis­tance-wise with driver and irons the Call­away was very sim­i­lar, but I thought the Chrome Soft ( stan­dard, not the X) felt more for­giv­ing and tracked well even in windy con­di­tions. CL: Srixon AD333 Tour is my pre­ferred ball pri­mar­ily be­cause I feel com­fort­able with it, and the cost. Driver dis­tance for me with the Chrome Soft ( and X) was the same, but I feel like I’ve picked up 10 yards with my irons. GF: The Chrome Softs ( stan­dard and X model) were bet­ter for dis­tance than my usual Srixon AD333 Tour ball. I reckon I found 10-15 yards with the driver and half- a- club with my irons. SD: I reckon both my drives and iron shots have been straighter and more ac­cu­rate us­ing the Chrome Soft rather than my usual Srixon AD333.

And how about per­for­mance around the greens and feel when put­ting?

Q DD: The one marked dif­fer­ence from the Pro V1 was the feel of Chrome Soft on the green; no­tice­ably softer. CL: I’m not sure why, but I felt like I made bet­ter con­tact with the Chrome Softs ( pos­si­bly be­cause the feel is softer) in the short game. They also came off the put­ter re­ally solidly and I felt like I had bet­ter dis­tance con­trol ( pos­si­bly be­cause of the softer feel). GF: Spin and con­trol around a green is dif­fi­cult to quan­tify, but I reckon my put­ting from dis­tance greatly im­proved, and the putts seemed to have a re­ally good roll, too. SD: In­side 125 yards I def­i­nitely got a bet­ter feel of con­trol hit­ting into greens.

Did you have a pref­er­ence for Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X?

Q DD: I’d edge to­wards the Chrome Soft purely be­cause of how it feels off the driver and when put­ting. I also re­ally liked the added dura­bil­ity of both Chrome Softs; I didn’t scuff or scratch one, which is pretty im­pres­sive. CL: For me it’s the Chrome Soft. That’s re­ally down to the ex­tra feel and con­trol when hit­ting wedges up to an 8- iron. I can now get my shots to stop on the green, which is a great ben­e­fit. GF: Right now the con­trol and dis­tance pack­age for my swing speed would mean I’d go for the Chrome Soft X. I’m re­ally in­ter­ested to see if I feel the same way once the course dries out and con­di­tions im­prove. SD: Tough ques­tion. I def­i­nitely pre­fer the feel of the Chrome Soft, but I’ve ac­tu­ally scored bet­ter with the X. Lower com­pres­sion balls in gen­eral have re­ally ben­e­fited my game, and since us­ing Chrome Soft I’ve de­vel­oped spin on ap­proach shots, which is im­pres­sive.

Q Is £ 38 a dozen a fair price, and would you rec­om­mend them?

DD: With­out a doubt. The price is fair, £ 38 a dozen rep­re­sents good value ( es­pe­cially when you think Gar­cia and Mick­el­son play it on tour). I’ll be buy­ing more when I run out. CL: I’ve al­ready rec­om­mended them to friends and fam­ily, and given them a sleeve to try. They were just as im­pressed as me. Even though the price has gone up from last year, £ 38 is a rea­son­able price. They’ll be on my Christ­mas list. GF: With the Chrome Soft be­ing highly com­pa­ra­ble to all other pre­mium balls in terms of per­for­mance, yet com­ing in for less money, £ 38 is ex­tremely rea­son­able. I would hap­pily rec­om­mend them to other golfers of any stan­dard. SD: It’s a fair price to pay for what is a qual­ity tour- proven prod­uct. I’d rec­om­mend them to any golfers want­ing ex­cel­lent feel.

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