When to drop your 5- iron

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Is this the least-used club in your bag? Time for a change.

Iron lofts are get­ting stronger, the modern golf ball spins less and the av­er­age age of golfers is on the in­crease, so it’s easy to see why many club golfers strug­gle to launch a 5-iron from the turf nowa­days. As if to prove our point Call­away’s lat­est Rogue X iron has a 5-iron loft (21°) the same as a 3-iron only a few years ago.

TG gear ed­i­tor Si­mon Dad­dow had a re­al­ity check re­cently when a ses­sion on a GC Quad launch mon­i­tor helped him re­alise he only car­ries a 5-iron (from the turf) six yards fur­ther than his 6-iron, so con­se­quently only hits a 5-iron when he can tee it up on a par 3.

It’s a story we hear a lot from club golfers and cus­tom fit­ters, so we thought it was high time to in­ves­ti­gate how you know if you need to get rid of your 5-iron? And if you do, what are your best op­tions?

How do I know if I should swap my 5-iron?

There are a few tell-tale signs. First off, be very hon­est about your own abil­ity and ask your­self what’s the long­est iron you hit with con­fi­dence from the turf (not a tee)? For many club play­ers, it will be a 6-iron. Other signs in­clude feel­ing you can’t launch a 5-iron (from the deck) with­out pulling off your Sun­day best swing and strike. And if your 5-iron shots strug­gle to reach a peak height to max­imise carry dis­tance, they’ll strug­gle to stop on a green or typ­i­cally end up be­ing low and weak, fad­ing off short and right of the green. If any of that sounds fa­mil­iar, you re­ally should be look­ing at ditch­ing your 5-iron once and for all.

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