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This may be one of the hard­est shots in golf be­cause of the lack of loft on the club. Un­like when set­ting up to hit a driver off a tee, you don’t want the ball in line with your front foot, oth­er­wise you run the risk of the club­head ris­ing be­fore im­pact which will cause a top. In­stead, aim to po­si­tion the ball be­tween the mid­dle of your feet and the left heel, and con­cen­trate on brush­ing the turf through im­pact, rather than tak­ing a divot. You’ve only got 15 de­grees of loft, so fo­cus on swing­ing shal­low and try not to sway or overdo the shoul­der tilt. If you do, the club­head will likely bot­tom out and then your mate will wrongly tell you that you lifted your head up be­cause you topped it or drop- kicked it.

Don’t sway. Trust the loft and fo­cus on sta­bil­is­ing the head to pro­mote a cen­tral pivot.

For added con­trol, grip down the club an inch.

Fol­low the flight of the ball with the club­head through im­pact to pro­mote a sweep­ing ac­tion.

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