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In our tech­nique-driven game it’s only nat­u­ral to want to see these dif­fer­ences in terms of plane, arc, an­gles and all the rest of it. But very of­ten, un­der­pin­ning these ap­par­ently tech­ni­cal is­sues is a gulf in phys­i­cal­ity.

“It’s per­haps a bit cruel to com­pare David here – or in­deed any club player – to Justin Thomas,” says An­drew Mur­ray. “Justin is 25, flex­i­ble and


Justin shows the typ­i­cally bal­anced and ath­letic look of the mod­ern Tour pro at ad­dress, some­thing David would do well to copy. But it’s the align­ment that is most sig­nif­i­cant. We can see more of David’s left hand and wrist here, and his gloved hand is a lot closer to his thigh. A mi­nor squar­ing-up ad­just­ment would help him.


Com­pare Davis’s club­face to JT’S. While Justin’s lead­ing edge re­mains in a strong, square po­si­tion David’s is quite fanned and open. Sim­i­larly, com­pare the glove badges: Justin’s looks more in front of him, while David’s is ro­tated to the sky. David will get more power and less of a glanc­ing blow by cor­rect­ing this.


Com­pare the trail arm po­si­tions. Justin’s is ex­tended, a re­sult of a wide arc and more up­per body en­gage­ment; David’s rel­a­tively col­lapsed right arm sug­gests a more armsy move to the top with less width and prob­a­bly a shorter shoul­der turn. It also sees him lay the club off (shaft points left), most likely pro­mot­ing a weak fade.

spends all day hit­ting balls; of course his ac­tion is go­ing to be more dy­namic and pow­er­ful. Yet by lay­ing his ac­tion against David’s, we get a clear pic­ture of how a lack of flex­i­bil­ity and mo­bil­ity can com­pro­mise your golf shots. David is typ­i­cal of the club player, in that he will ben­e­fit just as much by work­ing on those ar­eas as the swing it­self.”


As so of­ten in this se­ries, de­liv­ery is the best time to see the dif­fer­ence be­tween the dy­namism of a Tour pro and the more lim­ited move­ment of the am­a­teur. JT is so ac­tive in the lower half, hips ro­tat­ing and left glute vis­i­ble; in con­trast David looks so static, hips square and hands/arms do­ing the work.


You might think we’ve re­peated David’s ad­dress po­si­tion here; there is only the barest hint of hip ro­ta­tion and both feet are flush on the turf. He doesn’t need to recre­ate Justin’s fan­tas­ti­cally pow­er­ful hip ro­ta­tion, but if he can work on a more ac­tive lower body from the top he will find a more pow­er­ful down­swing.


The full-blown fol­low through and bal­ance at speed for JT is some­thing we can all aim for. David fi­nally gets some move­ment into his feet, but his gen­er­ally static mo­tion means he is gen­er­at­ing a frac­tion of this po­ten­tial speed and power. A few ses­sions with his pro will help him make progress.

Name: David Mcgee Hand­i­cap: 22 Best ever round: “I’ve shot 81 three times”

Name: Justin Thomas Hand­i­cap: Pro Best ever round: Shot 59 at the 2017 Sony Open

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