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Beef’s swing com­pared to an am.

An­drew “Beef” John­ston may have shed some pounds in re­cent months, but he re­mains an ex­cel­lent role model for the big­ger­framed golfer. Power is never go­ing to be a prob­lem for Beef, but the tech­nique he has de­vel­oped also af­fords him bal­ance, a great range of move­ment and flow, al­low­ing him to add con­sis­tency to his game.


The key com­par­i­son here is how much room each golfer gives him­self to swing. Mar­tyn’s set-up isn’t too bad . But when you look at Beef’s po­si­tion – stretched and ex­tended from the ball, spine more tilted and knees a lit­tle more flexed – Mar­tyn be­gins to look a tad crowded. The way Beef cre­ates space at set up is a great ex­am­ple for the larger frame to copy.


Mar­tyn em­ploys a rather typ­i­cal am­a­teur take­away in that he has “rolled” the club away from the ball with his hands and arms – ev­i­dent in the num­ber of knuck­les he’d see if he looked down. The shaft points well right of the tar­get, way in­side the ideal plane. Beef in con­trast makes a much less ‘armsy’ move, left arm and shaft very much in line, par­al­lel to tar­get.


Mar­tyn is not in bad shape here, though the fact his face has turned away from the ball is per­haps ev­i­dence of com­pro­mised mo­bil­ity. His flat arm plane puts his hands and club be­hind the trail shoul­der, a flat plane that will need cor­rec­tion on the way down. Beef looks much more pow­er­fully coiled, with stronger an­gles via his arms and wrists.


Here we see the con­se­quences of Mar­tyn’s flat back­swing. He has had to steepen the shaft to swing back down to the ball and he again looks crowded, with a lack of ro­ta­tion at this point. This is why he has the ten­dency of mishit irons. Beef has the shaft ap­proach­ing the ball from a flat­ter “in­side” po­si­tion. Great leg ac­tion, too.


Here we see the true ben­e­fit of the ex­tra space Beef has given him­self. His lead hip has cleared nicely and he has main­tained his for­ward bend, giv­ing his arms room to re­lease the club and al­low­ing him to cre­ate this bal­ance and ro­ta­tion at speed. Mar­tyn has re­cov­ered quite well but again looks a lit­tle in his own way… he doesn’t quite cre­ate the power he might.


As ever with top pros Beef achieves great bal­ance and flow. Mar­tyn too is pretty good, though I’d en­cour­age him to check his grip pres­sure at the fin­ish as I feel some tight­ness here might be re­strict­ing mo­bil­ity. If he could get closer to Beef’s set-up/pos­ture, then work on drills that help him ro­tate a lit­tle bet­ter, he will start to make progress.

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