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The golf swing asks us to shift weight and ro­tate while keep­ing per­fect bal­ance – not the eas­i­est set of me­chan­ics to mas­ter. But here is a straight­for­ward drill that trains core mo­bil­ity and helps you feel and hone an ef­fec­tive blend of back­swing coil, shift and ro­ta­tion. All you need is a mid-iron and a cou­ple of club­shafts or canes.

TRY IT WITH A CLUB Com­plete those twin turns sev­eral times, then grip the club nor­mally and try to re­peat them. With that strong ster­num ro­ta­tion plumbed into your mus­cles, you will in­stantly feel a co­or­di­nated ac­tion dom­i­nated by the core… and an en­hanced abil­ity to shift and ro­tate pow­er­fully, in bal­ance.

SHAFT OVER CANE Now ro­tate through your hips and ster­num un­til the shaft is above and in line with the rear cane. Achiev­ing this means good coil, weight shift and ro­ta­tion… and with the club across your chest, you’ll find it eas­ier to find and feel this po­si­tion in good bal­ance.

SHAFT AHEAD Now re­turn the com­pli­ment, ro­tat­ing through. But this time, al­low the shaft to break past the cane line on the ground; at the fin­ish the shaft should be par­al­lel to the cane and in front of it. Make sure you com­plete the move in bal­ance.

CANES IN­SIDE HEELS Set up the ball with your mid-iron; the ball should be just for­ward of cen­tre in your stance. Now po­si­tion your two canes against the in­sides of both heels, at right an­gles to the tar­get. Take the club up and pin it across the front of your chest.

TOP 50 TEACHER Keith Wil­liams Hawk­stone Park, Shrop­shire. PGA Mas­ter Pro­fes­sional and for­mer Euro­pean Tour and Eng­land Na­tional coach

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