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The slice is eas­ily one of the most de­struc­tive shots in golf, and the prob­lems nearly al­ways start at set-up. Most golfers think they need to an­gle their shoul­ders left to hit a draw, when ac­tu­ally they need to do the op­po­site. They also tend to get left-side dom­i­nant, think­ing that it will help to re­lease the club more, when ac­tu­ally all they are do­ing is lim­it­ing their shoul­der turn and pro­mot­ing a steep an­gle of at­tack. For some rea­son, most golfers al­ways set up with the ball po­si­tion too far for­ward in their stance. This then sets the shoul­ders open at ad­dress, which en­cour­ages a slice. The op­ti­mum po­si­tion is in line with the left heel – pop an align­ment stick or a club on the ground to make sure. To straighten your ball flight and achieve a cen­tred strike, you need to set up in straight lines – so the feet, hips and shoul­ders point in the same di­rec­tion. When hit­ting a driver, the weight should favour the right side more – 60/40 – and the right shoul­der (for right-han­ders) should tilt down slightly, which gets the club swing­ing on the up into im­pact.


If you strug­gle to get through the golf ball and have some ro­ta­tional is­sues in the hip, try flar­ing your left foot out. If you find there’s a re­stric­tion in your back­swing as well, flar­ing the right foot out can also be ben­e­fi­cial.

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