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The most im­por­tant thing, I be­lieve, is your abil­ity to hit your start line. I of­ten cre­ate a drill rel­a­tive to each player and the pa­ram­e­ter of their stroke, which they can use to cal­i­brate what they are do­ing on a daily ba­sis. A lot of times it’s as sim­ple as find­ing a straight putt and cre­at­ing a gate, about 5cm wide, which they have to putt through. I try to en­cour­age most tour pros to do this, be­cause it high­lights any ten­den­cies and tells you if your read was any good. It’s the best kind of drill.


To stop swing­ing short and ac­cel­er­at­ing so ag­gres­sively, try and groove your stroke so your swing length stays fairly equal. A sim­ple way to do this is by us­ing two tees or balls, and plac­ing one a foot be­hind the ball, and the other a foot in front. The key is to keep the dis­tance evenly spaced, and to fo­cus on swing­ing your put­ter with an even rhythm. You’ll ac­tu­ally find it dif­fi­cult to ac­cel­er­ate, and should see far greater con­sis­tency in your speed con­trol.

You can use two tee pegs or buy ready-made gates that have dif­fer­ent widths for dif­fer­ent de­grees of er­ror.

As you progress, try and set up mul­ti­ple sta­tions for short, medium and long putts. Just make sure the spac­ing be­tween the balls and/or tees is equal.

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