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Of the many ad­mirable traits Rory’s swing con­tains, his abil­ity to ro­tate his up­per body over a solid foun­da­tion is an ex­cel­lent ex­am­ple for any am­a­teur to fol­low. It gives his ac­tion bal­ance and se­quenc­ing, two el­e­ments that go a long way to ex­plain­ing some of the ef­fort­less power he cre­ates. You may not have Rory’s range of move­ment and will not be able to gen­er­ate his sort of club­head speed, but if you copy the prin­ci­ple of body ro­ta­tion over quiet legs you will ex­pe­ri­ence a step-up in both dis­tance and con­sis­tency.

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