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So that’s how a C4S is sup­posed to stop! I men­tioned last is­sue I had discs and pads re­placed all round on my C4S af­ter the items present when I bought the car were look­ing very tired. I got the new parts from VW Her­itage’s newly cre­ated Porsche Parts Cen­tre and have now had a chance to bed them in. I am so im­pressed. The C4S now stops with the abil­ity I’d ex­pect from a set of Porsche’s ‘Big Red’ brakes, and has trans­formed the way I drive the car. In short, I have more con­fi­dence in the 911, and can drive it harder as a re­sult – and as we all know, the harder you push a 911, the more you get back from it.

I also re­placed the worn Con­ti­nen­tal tyres for a set of N3-rated Miche­lin Pi­lot Sport 2s. A few peo­ple have since asked me why I didn’t get a set of the newer PS4S, but the hon­est an­swer is there weren’t any avail­able in my size when I needed them, so PS2S it was. Again,

I am im­mensely im­pressed by my new rub­ber. 500 miles in, in com­par­i­son to the Con­ti­nen­tal Con­tact Sports, the Miche­lins are no­tice­ably qui­eter, which is great for me as I wrack up a lot of miles – just see the pic­ture on the left! The Miche­lins are sim­ply su­perb in the wet, I’ve not come across bet­ter for a 996. If the PS4’S can build on that, I al­ready know what tyres I’m get­ting next. In the dry, there’s not a lot be­tween the Miche­lins and Con­ti­nen­tals but I’d love to try a track day just to see how they dif­fer at greater speeds with more heat in them. Any ex­cuse, I know…

I’ve also had the C4S back at Porsche Cen­tre Bournemouth for its an­nual ser­vice, this one be­ing a ma­jor/72,000-mile ser­vice. We’re lucky that in the UK we have a broad se­lec­tion of very good in­de­pen­dent spe­cial­ists that in the past I’ve had lit­tle hes­i­ta­tion in us­ing, how­ever, my cur­rent 911 has an im­mac­u­late ser­vice record at Porsche main deal­ers, and I’ve de­cided it’s im­por­tant for me to up­hold that for the sake of its value.

Model 996 Carrera 4S Year 2002 Ac­quired April 2017

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