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Af­ter driv­ing the mega-mileage Car­rera in the last is­sue I was de­ter­mined to use the 993 a bit more fre­quently. As ever, my good in­ten­tions quickly van­ished, as a com­bi­na­tion of be­ing stupidly busy with work, as well as with my fam­ily, means it’s lan­guished in the garage for a few more weeks.

Those good in­ten­tions were ban­ished as much by pa­per­work as any­thing else, as I did get as far as tak­ing the Car­rera out of the garage and park­ing it on my drive. The plan was to use it for some work trips, a few hun­dred miles or so there and back. I was just about to leave when I re­mem­bered that the MOT must be due, so a bit of fran­tic check­ing had me dis­cover it was, and it was over­due.

Now, tempting as it would be to drive it with­out its an­nual test cer­tifi­cate it’s just not worth it. A few hours of phone calls to get a booking that day proved fruit­less, so sadly I popped it back in the garage to be driven an­other day. When that might be, I’ve no idea, but I’ve got plans for it next month, so long as life doesn’t get in the way again.

Still, all is not lost. As you’ll read in the com­ing months I’ve been lucky enough to get in some in­ter­est­ing 911s other than my own. Now if only I had the means to buy that Car­rera fea­tured last is­sue, I’d run it as a daily driver, any weather, al­lyear round.

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