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13 years ago, Porsche in­tro­duced its ac­tive sus­pen­sion man­age­ment sys­tem, PASM. The con­cept was sim­ple: vary the damp­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics of the shock ab­sorbers to suit dif­fer­ent con­di­tions.

At first glance, PASM was a rev­e­la­tion, but for many own­ers it soon be­came a zero-sum game where com­fort was traded for han­dling and vice versa – it wasn’t pos­si­ble to en­joy both at the same time. This left many PASM driv­ers us­ing the more com­fort­able set­ting most of the time, giving up on bal­ance and grip.

Thank­fully, my pal found a so­lu­tion in the Dy­namic Sus­pen­sion Con­trol (DSC) from TPC Rac­ing in the USA. Tak­ing the fac­tory PASM sys­tem to the next level, DSC Sport utilises the car’s G-sen­sor, throt­tle po­si­tion sen­sor, brake sen­sors and other data out­puts to pro­vide a more in­tel­li­gent, more in­stantly ac­tive sus­pen­sion which trans­forms the car’s bal­ance and com­fort at the same time – elim­i­nat­ing the need for com­pro­mise.

It took me around ten min­utes to swap out the PASM con­troller for the DSC con­troller – it is a plug and play so­lu­tion – and I was off to test it out. Im­me­di­ately I could feel that my car was more com­pli­ant on our coun­try lanes; the shock ab­sorbers more hap­pily soak­ing up the bumps. And yet when called upon, in­di­vid­ual shocks in­stantly stiff­ened to keep the car flat as the road un­du­lated.

“Throw it into some chal­leng­ing corners,” my mate told me. “There’s no need to be gen­tle with it. It works best when you make big de­mands of it.” He wasn’t wrong! I headed straight for the B671 be­tween Elton and Wans­ford, as it hosts a glo­ri­ous string of bends with in­verse and ad­verse cam­bers ga­lore to re­ally un­set­tle driver and car alike – but not to­day. With DSC Sport en­gaged the car was both comfy and planted, and when I pointed the car at the apex of the trick­i­est bend the DSC Sport con­troller worked its magic, stiff­en­ing up the off­side front cor­ner to main­tain a level of bal­ance mid-bend that I’d never ex­pe­ri­enced be­fore. DSC Sport is noth­ing short of in­cred­i­ble.

Over the space of the next week I sought ev­ery ex­cuse to get out and drive the Turbo – I felt like I had a new car. “The Porsche feels so much com­fier,” said my lit­tle girl on the school run. “I could eas­ily do long jour­neys in this now.” I sti­fled my vil­lain’s laugh.

Sorted then? Al­most… TPC also pro­vide a free soft­ware util­ity to edit the sus­pen­sion set­tings for in­di­vid­ual needs. Nat­u­rally I dived in to see how it works, and I was de­lighted when Tom at TPC told me I was the first mo­tor­ing jour­nal­ist to work with the DSC soft­ware.

I’ll re­port more on that when I have had more time to play. If you have a PASM equipped Porsche I sug­gest you check out dsc­ to lo­cate your near­est dealer, as this’ll be the best $1,200 you will spend.

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