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To­tal 911 presents the nine best-value Neunelfers you should buy this year

Total 911 - - Cars Of 2018 - Writ­ten by Joe Wil­liams & Lee Si­b­ley

The used Porsche mar­ket has been on a hell of a ride, hasn’t it? Shortly af­ter the com­pany’s beloved 911 reached half a cen­tury of ex­is­tence in 2013, prices be­gan shift­ing dra­mat­i­cally up­wards. It be­gan with the halo 2.7RS, which surged mas­sively from £300,000 to al­most £1 mil­lion in a mat­ter of months. A domino ef­fect en­sued, with other clas­sic Rennsports shoot­ing up first, fil­ter­ing down to any model which had a flat six cooled by air. Be­fore long, pretty well ev­ery 911 across the board had en­joyed some de­gree of mar­ket ap­pre­ci­a­tion, some more steeply than oth­ers. All man­ner of models were put up for sale at big num­bers, and many didn’t hang around for long. How­ever, for 2018, things are a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. Af­ter the blan­ket boom in values of the pre­vi­ous four to five years, the mar­ket has slowed con­sid­er­ably. Cer­tainly, the days of mak­ing a quick buck on a clas­sic or mod­ern-clas­sic 911 ap­pear to have gone. “We’re now see­ing a nat­u­ral ad­just­ment in prices, and cor­rectly priced cars are still sell­ing eas­ily,” says Paul Stephens, owner of the epony­mous Es­sex-based Porsche spe­cial­ist.

This is good news for the en­thu­si­ast, of course. Far re­moved from the fre­netic pace at which deals were be­ing done, to­day it’s a buyer’s mar­ket: you can now af­ford to take your time and do your due dili­gence on any po­ten­tial ac­qui­si­tions. Like­wise, the soft­en­ing in values means peo­ple are more en­cour­aged to use th­ese won­der­ful cars ex­actly as they were in­tended – by driv­ing them. So, there’s plenty to be pos­i­tive about in the 911 mar­ket right now. To prove it, To­tal 911 presents nine cars which you can buy now and drive, safe in the knowl­edge its sta­tus as a fu­ture clas­sic is as­sured…

Pho­tog­ra­phy by To­tal 911

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