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Ial­ways rel­ish the ar­rival of a new 911 GT3 RS. The car is in­nately spe­cial to Porsche, which does jus­tice to each and ev­ery gen­er­a­tion by en­sur­ing it is the ul­ti­mate road­go­ing ex­pres­sion of its hal­lowed Ne­unelfer. So what do we make of the 991.2? You can learn all about Porsche’s new Rennsport in the most de­tailed ar­ti­cle you’ll find on the car any­where on the news­stand be­gin­ning on page 28. How­ever, what does need clar­i­fi­ca­tion here are the facts sur­round­ing specs and build times. Hope­fully th­ese notes will help steer you through the muddy wa­ters of ru­mour and con­jec­ture found on­line.

To start, there aren’t go­ing to be many ex­am­ples avail­able at first. OPCS are typ­i­cally be­ing al­lo­cated two or three cars – for con­text, th­ese same cen­ters sold four or more 991 GT2 RSS.

How­ever, there will be a sec­ond batch of 991.2 GT3 RSS, due for de­liv­ery in 2019 (th­ese will be built along­side the in­com­ing 992-gen­er­a­tion 911s). There will be slightly more batch 2 cars than batch 1, and th­ese cars will be avail­able with full Weis­sach Pack, which isn’t ob­tain­able full stop un­til June. So, if you’ve missed out on th­ese early ex­am­ples, don’t panic.

What can’t be an­swered right now is whether or not a spe­cial-edi­tion Rennsport is to fol­low. Af­ter all, if the 991-gen­er­a­tion is to her­ald the last nat­u­rally-as­pi­rated 911 GT3 RS (it’s fairly com­mon knowl­edge the 992-gen­er­a­tion GT cars will switch to a tur­bocharged flat six), is this the model Porsche is go­ing to bow out with? Com­pared to how spe­cial the 997 GT3 RS 4.0 was – it­self the last bas­tion of the man­ual, ana­logue RS, and a loss-maker for Porsche – I’d spec­u­late not.

“There will be a sec­ond batch of 991.2 GT3 RSS, due for de­liv­ery in 2019”

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