Porsche 992 in­te­rior re­vealed

To­tal 911’s spies cap­ture in­side of next-gen­er­a­tion 911 for first time

Total 911 - - Update -

The cabin of Porsche’s next-gen­er­a­tion 911, the 992, has been un­cov­ered for the first time af­ter To­tal 911’s spies were able to get up close to a test mule. As you can see, the in­side of the 992, set for launch at the Paris Mo­tor Show in Oc­to­ber, has been com­pletely re­worked with what could be ar­gued as an even greater lean to­wards com­fort­able GT driv­ing over fo­cused sports car driv­ing.

The screen in the cen­tre of the dash­board is now much big­ger, in line with the 911’s Panam­era cousin, while the cen­tre con­sole be­neath it ap­pears to be wider, too. PASM and PSM but­tons have been re­lo­cated up from the cen­tre con­sole on to a small panel be­neath the dash­board screen, though the big­gest and most rad­i­cal changes have taken place in front of the driver’s seat.

The 911’s iconic five di­als, in ex­is­tence since the first 911 of 1963, have been dis­banded in favour of a dig­i­tal screen ei­ther side of an ana­logue tachome­ter. In front sits a three-spoke, multi-func­tion wheel that’s been re­designed de­spite re­tain­ing the ‘Mode’ wheel in­tro­duced for the 991.2 gen­er­a­tion. De­spite a scrap­ping of the 911’s five di­als, tra­di­tion­al­ists will be en­thused by the pres­ence of a man­ual shifter.

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